Marvel Super Heroes Vol 2 Num 02


Giant-Sized issue featuring seven new Marvel stories.

Giant-Sized issue featuring seven new Marvel stories. "Cold Feelings" Guest-starring Iron Man. Script by Bob Denatale. Pencils by Larry Alexander. Inks by Chris Ivy. A department of defense employee tragically interferes with Tony Stark's new rocket motor project! And the golden avenger must clean up the mess! Cameo appearance by Mrs. Arbogast.

Second story: "Secondhand Emotions" Guest-starring Rogue. Script by Sue Flaxman. Pencils by Lou Manna. Inks by Brent Cardillo. Mystique attempts to get Rogue to leave the X-Men! But she doesn't want to go!

Third story: "Turn a Blind Eye" Guest-starring Daredevil. Script by Terry Kavanagh. Pencils by Dwayne Turner. Inks by Mike DeCarlo. Matt Murdock comes to the aid of a family struggling with the "Just Say No" drug campaign.

Fourth story: "The Price of Their Toys" Guest-starring Speedball. Plot by Steve Ditko. Script by Hollis Bright. Pencils by Steve Ditko. Inks by Mike DeCarlo. Speedball is caught in the middle of a strange battle between two childhood enemies! Cameo appearances by Maddie Baldwin and Justin Baldwin.

Fifth story: "Storm Warning" Guest-starring Tigra. Plot by Dennis Mallonee. Script by D. G. Chichester and Margaret Clark. Pencils by Chuck Patton. Inks by Mike DeCarlo. Tigra returns to Chicago to save her ailing father! 19-page story.

Sixth story: "Where the Buffalo Roamed" Guest-starring Red Wolf. Script and Inks by Robert Campanella. Pencils by Larry Alexander. Red Wolf and Lobo help the U.S. Army catch a group of terrorists!

Seventh story: "The Greater Good!" Guest-starring the Falcon. Script by Danny Fingeroth. Art by Javier Saltares. The Falcon battles the Iron Trinity!


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