The Punisher Summer Special Num 02


Rare short stories of the Punisher

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Ajouté aux Favoris
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Rough Cut, script by Pat Mills, pencils by Mike McKone, inks by Mark McKenna and Mike Gray (background inker). De Sade is back and trying to make a snuff film with the Punisher as the star.

High Risk, script by Chuck Dixon, pencils by Flint Henry, inks by Terry Austin. A salesman tries to sell the Punisher some life insurance in the middle of a firefight.

The Local, script by Chuck Dixon, art by John Hinkelton. Punisher brings down some thugs while taking a subway ride.

Coming Soon to Punisher War Journal, art by Mark Texeira.

Painted cover art by Simon Bisley.

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Poids 300 g
Dimensions 0.6 × 17.2 × 26 cm


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